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ABOUT: The Free Study Centre
Learning made Simple and Fun...
kfi4allonline Free Study Centre
The Academic division of the Industry is available online and offline. While the online centre is free, the offline study centre is with tuition fee. At the Academic Centre of kfi4allonline are the Free Study Centre, a Resource Library, Discussion Forum, Chat room and Free Support Service.

Courses include Computer Literacy program, Sing like a Pro, the Art of Music Production, the Art of making Movie, Sound Engineering, Digital Graphics, Acting for the Cinema, Website Development and Software Engineering.

Our training curriculum includes the English language, Creative Thinking, Studies in Computer Hardware and Software Education, the Mastering of Music, Understanding Web Programming Syntax, Creative and Digital Maths, Movie Script Writing, and a whole lot of other subjects.

The intention of the college is to simplify learning and make it a fun. kfi4alllonline Admission is free. Once, the admission process is complete, a Study Guide containing the curriculum, syllabus, and vital information is emailed to the student.

The methods of training are video and audio tutorial, illustrations and photos, articles, prints and e-books. The help and support centre of the college is a part of our training process. Students' performances are closely monitored, attendance at lectures, active participation, weekly test and examination are compulsory activities at the Free Study Centre.

Academic programs run for three (3), six (6), twelve (12) and eighteen (18) months only. The college expects every student to be law abiding and decent in their attitude towards the Academic staff and management of the school.
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