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ADMISSIONS: Free Study Centre
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kfi4allonline Free Study Centre
The kfi4allonline Free Study Centre is designed for private Education only. Enrolment is free and students can learn from their homes without having to come to the classroom. Learners will have free lectures, explore library facilities and get support services when necessary. To get started, pick your iPhone, laptop, tablet or desktop system to begin the process.

Why Study in kfi4allonline Free Study Centre
No Application Fee.
We help to discover the potentials in people.
Assist them to learn and be focused on what they have chosen to become.
No special enrolment periods; get enrolled and start any day.
Admission is Easy, Flexible and Fast.
Admission Process
Apply Now to Submit a Registration Form.
Your Admission Details shall be forwarded to you.
Complete an Entrance Test for Student Evaluation.
Signup your Student's Account.
Get the Study Guide to start learning.
And have Fun Learning!
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