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Company Policies

POLICIES ON: Contracts, shopping, products, production, training, followers, website projects, financial issues, support services, information, ethnic issues, management, employment, cookies, change in policies, breach of contract, etc.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Please read and understand the policies of Kfi4all World Venture carefully as you contract your project, buy products, get trained, and connect with our gospel network. It contains extremely important information.


A website development contract is guided by our business policies and terms. By submitting a contract form via kfi4allonline website acknowledge that you have read, understood and agreed to the available terms and policies. Client by definition can either be (a person, group, organization, business, an institution of learning or industry) could contact us by phone, email or visit our offline office for further support. The following issues are part of the contract: project description, terms of contract agreement reached by the client and industry, and payment negotiations. Once, a payment is made (70%) and verified, our project team shall swing into action. The client shall be contacted from time to time with progress report and request for any required information and materials for the task. Kfi4all shall work to meet target date (deadline). Once your project is completed and delivered, the balanced 30% payment should be made. The industry (Kfi4all World Venture) shall fix bugs, if any within the first one month of the operation of website; and 24/7 technical support shall be rendered thereafter.

We shall monitor, report your site status and suggest possible ways to keep your website alive (meet goals). Contract agreement includes clarifications on the following:

1. Domain name registration related issues.
2. Type of web hosting plan for the project
3. The purpose, goals, and intended target audience
4. The administration of the website after completion
5. Content development plan: articles, information, videos, audios, images, pictures, animations, etc
6. Project cost and payments negotiation
7. Choice of design template, if available
8. Commencement date and deadline issues
9. Contact information of the client’s representative
10. The official colour(s) of the client


· Development of a new website, update and upgrade.
      For new website development, refer to the information provided above. Update is subject to contract agreement on administering the website after completion (see, item 4 on clarifications on contract agreement). Upgrade policy could be free or paid for, this is an issue of the prerogative of Kfi4all World Venture, and it is negotiable

· Education of client's website operator/administrator/webmaster.
At the completion of every website projects, Kfi4all offers training to clients operators to enable them manage their website and handle issues of driving traffic to the site. The same are expected to operate Kfi4all client users account for information on site status, and possible suggestions to keep the website alive, (meet goals). In case of any technical issues, the operator(s) should report with our web support form, or other available contact mediums provided on Kfi4allonline website.

· Click on payment policy, or refund policy for information.

· Transfer of hosting administrative rights to clients.
This request calls for contract cancellation or dis-continuation of contract. Therefore, see the cancellation of contract for information.

· Dissatisfaction of completed projects.
      If by any reason a client feels dissatisfaction with the contract, options are available to resolve the issue:

1. Client could point out the areas of dissatisfaction for necessary correction or the rebuilding of the project.
2. If the cause of dissatisfaction was not a part of the contract agreement previously reached the client shall make additional payment negotiation for project modification.
3. In a situation where both parties are not able to resolve the pending issue, the refund policy for information.

· The cancellation of contract or contract dis-continuation.
Cancellation of contract may occur as a result of certain factors:

1. Death of the client.
2. Financial difficulties
3. Dissatisfaction of a completed project
4. The transfer of hosting administrative rights to a client.
5. Breach of contract after informal and formal warnings, see breach of contract policy.
6. If a project is abandoned for a period of six months without any formal report from the client.
7. When a web hosting plan expires and is abandoned for a period of six months.
8. Fraudulent activities on a client website.
9. Deliberate cancellation that s best known to the client, (strictly confidential reasons).
10. The discontinuation of a client business. Therefore, a month notice is required to process the request, and sufficient for the client to finally make up his/her mind on such decision. Cancellation must be made in writing or electronic file format as a word document or in pdf format (printable pdf).

Kfi4all World Venture shall appreciate if reasons are clearly stated for the cancellation of the project contract, or subscription. Kfi4all shall not accept the cancellation of already concluded project agreement with payment made, if the client is found expressing ambiguous intentions. If in any case, the cancellation issue results in the refund policy see the refund policy for information.

· Customer Support
The customer service department is put in place to attend to all issues connected to the services, products, training, gospel network, events and other necessary topics and subjects pertaining to the industry on Kfi4allonline website, support page with other options such as the discussion forum, chat-room, support form, resource centre, products information, video tutorials, terms of service, privacy and the free talents library. Clients can call our phone lines and send us an email message, or visit our office at business hours. Customer service is 24/7.

· Click on customer support policy for information.

· Expiration of web hosting plan and Renewal
We have three web hosting plans for our clients to choose from, and payments are made animally or upfront. Once, the payment is about to expire, clients are given one month notice, and at other subsequent times as a reminder. If action is not taken after these notices, the web hosting plan will expire and the website will be inaccessible; the domain name will enter into a period of one month grace. If the client decides not to pay attention and allow it to linger for six months, this will lead to a cancellation of contract policy for information. The renewal of web hosting plan is mandatory for every client to keep their website on the internet.

· Abandoned project, business, or contracts.
The term abandoned refers to any project, business or contract not attended to, by way of formal report, interest or signs of responsibility within a period of six months. If after six months the client eventually shows up without cogent reasons for his/her actions; that client will have to re-negotiate the contract, or be referred to the cancellation of contract policy, or the breach of contract policy.

· The transfer of ownership to another
This is a procedure that demands official arrangement by clients who wishes to relinquish their rights, control and the privileges of their website contract or property to a new owner. A month notice is required to process such request, and sufficient for the client to completely make up his/her mind on such decision. Transfer of ownership must be made in writing or electronic file format (either in word document or printable pdf format), with clear reasons stated therein. This action can only be completed by the authorization of the true owner(s) of the contract or property. Owner(s) could be an individual, group, organization, and firm, business institution of learning or company with primary rights to the contract or property.

· Sales Of An Existing Website
This action is same as the transfer of ownership to another, see information on the transfer of ownership to another policy.

· Issues relating to crimes and legal actions.
All activities that involves breaking any existing rules of people, groups, organization, firms, businesses, institutions of learning, companies, or the government of any nation that Is connected to the cyber institution as criminal offence, damages and negligence intended to result in harm are crimes to kfi4llonline. Kfi4all is in collaboration with every organization put in place to fight legal crimes.
Therefore, we suggest that our clients be law abiding citizens and institutions.

· Website Management Related Matters.
The management of websites is not a small matter as there are two approaches to it: managing the front end resource is one and administering the back end, SEO, web hosting and security concerns is another. These are basically two different things. Once, a website project is completed for a client, kfi4all offers the front end management to the client which include content update by way of uploading and downloading information resource (articles, products, videos, audio, graphics, photos, etc), but the back end, SEO, webhosting and security concerns are handled by us, for the benefit of our clients. This operation is referred to as the administrative rights of our industry. in case, a client seeks such administrative rights, see information on the Transfer of hosting administrative rights to clients policy.

· Virus attack and security breakdown by hackers.
It has never been normal for our web hosting server to experience virus attacks; however, measures are already in place to prevent it. In any case, kfi4all will investigate the cause and ensure that clients have nothing to worry about. A back up of our clients websites are available to render smooth operation on issues relating to breakdown by hackers, kfi4all has a training program that is designed for clients website operators, administrators or webmasters. Part of this training is structured to prepare your operators to guide against the menace of hackers.

· Upgrading a web hosting plan.
The term “upgrade” is to improve the condition of client’s web hosting plan from a lower plan to a higher plan for better services. This will increase the performance, efficiency, capability, space, bandwidth etc of the website. To upgrade a client web hosting plan attracts additional cost. In case, a client falls into financial crises and wish to return to an earlier plan, this is also a possibility. To upgrade a web hosting plan clients should contact kfi4all to request this service.

· Damage website by a client.
The management of a professionally designed website is a serious business to handle. If a client has damaged his/her website for lack of experience, kfi4all shall request for a maintenance fee to fix the damage. So, we suggest that a competent operator be hired to manage the website for so many obvious reasons.

· Fix a bug on clients website.
A bug is a fault that may develop in a client's website. if a client notice any bug in his/her website and kfi4all is informed, we shall fix all such bugs for free, no extra cost. Note that a fault is not the same as a damaged website. For information on a damaged website by a client, see damaged website by a client policy.

· Terms of website development
Terms are the acceptable agreement, or contract, or conditions designed for all website projects in kfi4all world venture. The terms of contracting your website project is listed below:

1. To get started, read the policy of  website development policy of the industry, kfi4all world venture, if you have not done so.

2. Submit a contract form via kfi4allonline website

3. Our website project team shall come into contract policy.

This includes the following:

a) The starting date
b) contract duration/deadline
c) details of the website project/scope of work
d) cost
e) payment terms
f) Clients’ information (mailing address, phone, office, date, names and addresses ;)
g) Approved signatures.

4. A payment of 70% is required to start the project.

5. Client shall be contacted from time to time with progress report and request for any required materials or information for the project.

6. Once, the project is completed and delivered, the balanced 30% payment should be made.

7. Kfi4all project team shall fix bugs, if any within the first one month of the operation of website, and offer 24/7 technical support thereafter.

8. We shall monitor, render status report, and suggest possible ways to keep the website alive (met targets)

· Payment policy
Cost and payment terms are a part of our contract policy.
After a client has completed business contract and negotiation with us (kfi4all world venture). The next phase is to make a down payment of 70% to get the project started; and the balanced 30% shall be due at the completion and delivery of the project. The industry accepts cash, cheques and the process of money transfer with our bank details. If a client decides to pay in full at the start of the project, it is acceptable. in a case where the balanced 30% is not paid as agreed at the completion and delivery period or date, kfi4all shall withhold the project until the balanced 30% is ready and payment made.
Supplementary payment policy s also available in extreme circumstances like accident or death situation, business disaster, and financial bankruptcy. this phase of our payment policy is subject to the discretion of the management of kfi4all, on whether to give the client a period of grace to make the payment or consider it a bad debt. Furthermore, if a client is investigated to be in the habit of indebtedness, the industry may report or hand such clients over to the government authorities until the payment is made.

· Refund policy
our refund policy is applicable to a claim/demand/request made by a registered customer for a full refund of the price paid for a product, contract, admission, or subscription, such refunds are only possible in the following situations:

1. When detective products are returned to the industry, but not damaged by the registered customer within 48hours of purchase.

2. If a contract agreement is not achievable (dissatisfaction of a completed project).

3. A situation where payments are made above the stipulated standard price of the industry.

4. The discontinuity of contract as a result of severe accident, hospitalization, or death. See, the cancellation of contract policy for more information.

· Breach of contract/copyright/warranty/licensing policies
Breach is a term for the failure to do something that must be done; the action that breaks an agreement; or to not keep to an agreement or to promise made.

Breach Of Contract are the actions that goes against the policies and terms of kfi4all world venture in issues affecting a specified contract, products, education, gospel network or subscription. Read Our Company Policies For Clarification. The Measure To Be Taken Against The Breach Of Contract Are Already Specified In The Policies.

Kfi4all world venture holds the rights of all the properties\, products, operations, and activities designed to function as it is. The writings, music, videos, applications programs, etc and the various divisions of the industry are a part of the legal rights of the sole administration thereof, of the company. To publish, broadcast, perform, distribute, hire, replicate or duplicate what is originally the design and structure of the industry is strictly prohibited without the express permission of use in part or whole. Therefore, legal action shall be taken against any offender.

The repairs or replacement of kfi4all products are valid within 48hours of purchase only; such product must have been registered to get valid attention of the industry. In case the product is found damaged by the customer, he/she shall make payment for replacement or repair.
kfi4all shall not be liable for the mistakes or ignorance of a customer over our products since users manual. a part of the product content.

kfi4all licensing policy are the rights and privileges giving to the users, customers and clients of the industry to do, own or use our products, facilities, and materials. it is an official document that could be obtained when a user agrees to our terms and conditions, if a customer buys our product, and when a request is made and a written permission is offered. In a case of buying our product, the customer shall visit our website to register his/her product. To enjoy kfi4all support policy. sec, customer support policy for information.

i. Define the problem, causes, and the needed solutions.
ii. Purpose, duty, function and operation of staff (assistant).
iii. A search for qualified and competent staff.
iv. Designated budget to handle the task and staff.
v. The expectation of the Board.
a)    Business promotion: Services, products, Education, gospel
b)    Quest for customers, students, clients, followers
c)    Make money
d)    Growth: faculties, assets, investment, brand, branches
e)    Sustainability: promotional offer, concerts, opportunities, gifts, relevance, establish foundations
vi. Shop for  requirements to function
vii. Draw a plan, schedule, and duty for operation
viii. Staff training and development
ix. Pre-Operation stage of operation
x. Intermediate stage of operation
xi. Advance stag operation
xii. Documentation and records
xiii. Staff rating, performance and duty
(Weakness and strength and excellence)

· Music contract policy
A client shall have a purpose, meaningful lyrics, get a music director, appropriate genre, song runtime, creatively arranged style, have impression, go rehearsing, then know and understand what he need. Any clients short of the afore-mentioned issues above may not be considered for production in kfi4all audio recording studio.

Music production is not for learners but a game or task for the professionals only. Working on a music in kfi4all audio studio does not entertain rush as the reputation of the industry may be at stake.

· Copy righted songs
The client must seek written permission from the original copyright owner to contract the project with kfi4all studios. We shall not publish, broadcast, perform, copy, replicate, hire or duplicate any copyrighted products without due permission from the owner in writing, either as print or in electronic format.

· The procedure for music projects
The industry shall have a session with the prospective clients for interview and formal audition before the production team

1. To find out if he/she knows what they want
2. Check if the client is fit for the project
3. Verify his/her level of experience in music and studio productions.

The client may have to come back for the Team result. if the client is not eligible, he/she shall be counseled on ways he/she can improve to get fit for the project: on the contrary, if the client is found fit, he/she shall enter into contract agreement with the industry.

· Contracting a music project
All contracts shall be in written document, clearly read, and endorsed by signatories: the client, client witness, and the management of kfi4all studios.

The contract terms shall include:

1. The complete information of the client.
2. object of the contract
3. details of project/scope of work
4. price/payment terms
5. a start date/contract length
6. approved signatures
We suggest that clients should take their time and be thorough with the contract agreement to avoid any future discrepancies.

· The case of contract review or changes
The client shall visit the office or contact kfi4all for the required contract review or changes. It is mandatory that all changes or review are initiated by both parties (the client and our management) in an arranged meeting at the office. Changes of review shall be documented and not oral.

· Cancellation of contract or contract discontinuity
See item 6, for information.

· Beat making policy
Kfi4all audio studio creates beats for contracted music project, remix projects, and as product beat pack for sale. All original beat created by the industry are protected by copyright law. See item 1b, on page 11 for information. The industry strictly prohibits the use of our bears without the express permission of use n part, or whole. Therefore, legal action shall be taken against any offender.

· Song licensing
See item 1d, for our licensing policy.

· Sponsorship Policy
The industry offers five (5) music sponsorship schemes to persons who have either been a client, customer, student, or follower of the events and activities of the kfi4all world venture. To get this offer, interested candidates shall compete in an audition organized twice every year by former registration for the scheme on kfi4allonline website. The first competition of the year shall make room for three successful persons only; while, the other two shall be from the second competition in the same year. An advert for the sponsorship scheme shall be for a period of one month, and online registration open for the same period of one month, and online registration open for the same period. The audition shall include some renown music artists plus the company management, and arrangement shall be made for live performance on stage.
Kfi4all shall record the audition and publish a selected few on the internet for public voting. Successful candidates shall be invited to sign a free contract agreement to get started with the project; at the completion of the project, the industry shall promote such artist for a period of one month only for public awareness, on social media, posters, on our website facilities and other possible mediums.

· Refund Policy
Refund policy is not available for music projects. See the refund policy of the industry on page 10, item 2 for information.

· Payment policy for music project
To make payment for studio sessions, it must be paid in full, no negotiation. if the music project is contracted to us, then see payment policy on page 10, item 1 for information

· Security of clients information
Our privacy policy is sufficient for your clients on this matter. See, our privacy information policy for information on page 8, item 4. All personal information, business contracts, property documents and private correspondence of our clients shall be kept as described by our privacy information policy.

· Marketing policy
The marketing of client songs shall be in the following manner:

1. Budgeting for prints, public television and radio broadcast, street publicity, periodical, online social media and press media.

2. Distribution of products to web shops, physical stores (distribution centre), and organizations that can help promote and sell products. The client shall make payment for the promotion and distribution services after contract negotiation of the same is reached.

· Abandoned music projects
When a music project is contracted to kfi4all and the client did not attend to it for a period of six months, either by way of formal report or interest without any known reasons, that client shall re-negotiate the contract or be referred to the cancellation of contract policy, or breach of contract policy. See abandoned project, business, or contract policy on page 6, item 5 for information.

· Dissatisfaction of completed music projects
If by any reason a client feels dissatisfied with the contract, options are available to resolve such issue. See dissatisfaction of completed projects policy for information on page 5, item 5.
Note: there is no refund policy for music contracts. The management of kfi4all studio shall take decisions on the issue.

· Terms of music productions
Please, refer to the start of this music contract policies.

Film Making Policy
Video projects consist of shooting footage at appropriate locations, defining your project category, recording style, screen ratio, television system, video runtime, play mode, video type and feature style. it is therefore different from other studio projects because a lot are involved in the process. This kind of project contract is more complex and expensive to make. a client shall have a clear concept of his/her goal, prepare a story line, design a story board (optional), develop a shooting script, create characters, choose locations, form settings, dialogue script, design costumes, props, schedule rehearsals and calendar for shootings, as well as, draw a budget for the project. Once, the required conditions are meant, the industry shall ensure that the project is purposeful, appropriate, relevant, have the industry standard for movie making, and legitimate.

· Acceptable project categories
1. event video
2. advertisement video
3. movie production
4. documentary video
5. live broadcast
6. news reporting
7. music video
8. interview
9. tutorial video (education)

· The Procedure For Video Projects
A former discussion is necessary to start with, on all the issues described in the introductory above.

1. The client shall clearly describe the concept, project category, purpose and relevance of the job.

2. In a case of movie production, clients shall provide the story line of the project to enable the industry develop a shooting script and schedule. This also apply to documentary, music video, tutorial, news report and others.

3. The client shall enter into a contract agreement with the industry (kfi4all world venture), see information on contracting a video project. This shall include the object of contract, details and scope of work, price and payment terms, start date and contract length, and the approved signatures.

4. The need for former rehearsal may arise at this point. If it is an even video and news reporting, kfi4all production team may visit the venue of event for preparation before the commencements date of project recording schedule.

· Contracting a video project
      All contracts shall be in written document, clearly read, understood and endorsed by both parties: the client, their witness and the industry. the contract terms shall include:

1. the complete information of the client,
2. object of the contract
3. details of project/scope of work
4. price/payment terms
5. a start date/contract length
6. Approved signatures.

We suggest that client should take their time and be thorough with the contract            agreement to avoid any future discrepancies.

· Contract Review Or Changes
See item 1 on page 14 for information on contract review or changes.

· cancellation of contract or contract discontinuity
Information is available on page 5, item 6.

· Video licensing policy
Get information on page 11, item 1d

· Sponsorship Policy
Sponsorship is currently not available for implementation.

· Refund Policy
Refund policy is not available for video projects. See the refund policy of the industry on page 10, item 1 for information

· Security Of Client Information
See information on our private information policy on page 8, item 4. All information, business contracts, property documents and private correspondence of our clients shall be kept according to our privacy policy.

· Marketing policy
This policy is as the marketing and distribution of songs see information on page 15, item 4.

· Abandoned Video Projects
If a video project is contracted to kfi4all world venture and the client fails to attend to it by way of a former report or signs of responsibility for a period of six months, that client shall re-negotiate the contract or be referred to the cancellation of contract policy, or breach of contract policy. See information on abandoned project, business, or contracts policy on page 6, item 5.
· Dissatisfaction Of Completed Video Projects
If a client feels dissatisfied with the project contract after the completion of this same, options are available to address such issue. See information the dissatisfaction of completed projects policy on page 5, item 5. Note that there is no refund policy for video contracts. The management of our industry shall take a fair decision on this matter.
· Terms Of Video Productions
Please, refer to page 17 for information.

Academic Policy
The academic section of the industry is into six divisions; while, the online academic centre is free, the offline study centre is with tuition fee. at our online academic centre s the college, quick study centre, open resource centre, a free talents library, discussion forum and chat-room.
Courses are computer literacy programme, singing, music, video production, sound engineering, digital graphics, acting for the cinema, website development and software development.
Our training curriculum includes; English language, creative thinking, hardware and software education, audio mastering, website programming, creative and digital mats, script writing, and a whole lot of other subjects. The intention of the college is to simplify learning and make it a fun.
Online admission is free. Once, the admission process is complete, a study guide containing the curriculum, syllabus, and vital information is emailed to the student. The methods of training are video and audio tutorial, illustrations and photos, articles, prints and eBooks. The help and support centre of the college is a part of our training process. Performance is closely monitored, attendance of lectures, active participation, weekly test and examination are compulsory.
Academic programmes runs for three, six twelve and eighteen months; and the college expects every student to be law abiding and decent in their attitude towards the academic staff and management.
If a student is found acting against the terms of learning, the culprit may be suspended or expelled from the college.
· Admission Process
The enrolment of students shall include the following process:
1. The college shall publicly promote the admission of new students for a period of one month.
2. The prospective student shall sign up a user account to get started; then proceed to complete the admission form on kfi4allonline website. it may take two weeks for the academic staff to sort out the admission.
3. The management of the college shall invite the applicants for an entrance examination at the college website through an email message with a link to the examination website.
4. The college shall thereafter send email to the successful candidate(s) with a link to download their study guide and other information.
5. Shortly after that, learning starts.
· Learning Process
The training of students starts once a new student has successfully completed his/her admissions. Learning thereafter starts with:
1. An orientation week. Every new student shall visit the online college for this orientation course and it is compulsory.
2. The college shall publish the schedule for learning for a period of three days.
3. Lectures begin at the college as described in the study guide.
4. the learning procedure is
i. lectures (could be both article and audio)
ii. description (photos and illustrations)
iii. demonstration (video or animation)
iv. research and discoveries (resource library)
v. get support or chat-room
vi. practice: workshop (visit study centre or talent library)
vii. interactive forum discussion (share experience and ideas)
viii. reference links (for further learning)
· Course Structure For Learning
By this, we mean the several parts of our training system;
1. introduction to the course
2. the requirements for the course
3. resources available for learning
4. intention, scope, limitation and challenges
5. historical background
6. problem hypothesis
7. argumentation
8. research and discoveries
9. public consensus
10. acceptable standard: government, industry, global
11. future concerns
12. references
· The Rules For Learning
The term “rules” are the instructions to be obeyed and observed to enable the co-existence of students, staff and management of college.
1. Performances of our students are critical, and it is based on excellence, competitive, weak kneed, disappointing, failure. The “disappointing” and “failure” may drop out of our academy in eight (8) weeks of learning.


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