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Company Policies

· The Rules For Learning
The term “rules” are the instructions to be obeyed and observed to enable the co-existence of students, staff and management of college.
1. Performances of our students are critical, and it is based on excellence, competitive, weak kneed, disappointing, failure. The “disappointing” and “failure” may drop out of our academy in eight (8) weeks of learning.
2. If a student fails to attend lectures in two weeks without logical reason (s), he or she may be expelled from the college.
3. Active participation s a sign of academic strength in the college. Students should be curious and interested in exploring most of the available resources at their disposal. This could affect the student performance, positively and negatively.
4. Weekly test and examination are compulsory activities, as it provides a platform for the college to access the making of our students. Our keen interest is not only n the pride of the knowledge, but in the development of skill acquisition of our students. The knowledge acquired and numbers of projects accomplished are the key to successful education in kfi4allonline/offline College.
5. Students shall be mindful of the use of language while interacting with the staff and manage of our institution. insultive words, statement or phrase either by chatting, forum posts, email contents are forbidden. so, be polite and constructive.
6. If a student is found acting contrary to these rules, he/she may be suspended, or dismissed from the college. Our generosity shall not be taken for granted.

· Management Of The College
The operation of the college is based on charity and support from partners, friends, and anonymous donations.

· Tuition Fee
The online college is free, but the offline study centre shall require tuition fee from interested students. The college management has the sole right to change tuition fee when required to do so at anytime without consultation with any student, group or organizations.

· Administration
Kfi4all study centre is managed by a board of trustees, administrative staff and non-academic workers. The administrative include pad staff and voluntary workers, whose duty it is to prepare lesson notes and lectures in agreement with the college syllabus and curriculum. They shall monitor the students performances teach, supervise their studies and offer support services as well. They shall grade the students and publish their report for evaluation purpose. The employment of academic and non academic staff is based on when the need arises.

· Operation Days/Time
The college opens on Mondays to Friday, 8:00am to 2pm daily. a lecture runs for 45minutes only. Test is weekly on Fridays and the final examination is the last week of training. Each student must complete a minimum of five (5) projects before graduation.

· Study Guide
kfi4all study catalogue designed to get students started with information necessary to begin the learning process. Since, the study centre trains people for a profession, a structure have been put in place for their development and learning. These include academic courses, syllabus, and curriculum that will enable them achieve their goal. Courses are a period of studies at the college that leads to examination and the earning of a qualification. Syllabus is a list of the topics, books, etc that every student shall study in a particular course at the college. The curriculum therefore, is the subjects and activities that are included in a course of study n the college.

· Non Discrimination Policy
Kfi4allonline offer services and admit students of any race, color, nationality, and ethnic origin to all the rights, privileges, programs, and activities generally accorded or made available to students/customers at the industry/education centre. It does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, nationality, age, handicap, or ethnic policies, admissions policies, or any other school-administered program.


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