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Introduction To Singing Like A Pro

Singing is a part of a song, and it is also an act to be developed. In song creation, quite a number of issues demand attention. These are pitch, power, tone quality, rhythm, melody, harmony, notes, solfa notations, dynamics, tempo, mood and more.

In singing, a singer should get acquainted with these issues that matters in music. The knowledge will guide the singer in the development process. Now, see what we mean below:

Pitch The hight or dept of a sound
Power Loudness or softness
Tone Quality of sound: rich, clipped or hushed tones
Rhythm A repeated fast, slow or steady pattern of sounds
Melody The arrangement of notes in a tune
Harmony When various notes combines to make a pleasing sound.
Note A single sound of a particular length and pitch
Solfas Naming the notes of the music scale: d, r, m, f, s, l, t, d
Dynamics Changes in volume in music; also a force that produces changes, action or effects in a song
Tempo The speed of a piece of song
Mode A particular style or music genre: r&b, pop, reaggae, rock, highlife, etc

We suggest that you do a research for more.

When singing, a professional is conscious of the afore-mentioned issues; hence, you are still a learner. Most pretentious singers hid in the shadow of musical accompaniment. Test the singer to see if he or she could sing well without these accompaniments.

This development programme is designed to coach you step by step until you get to the pinnacle of singing like a pro. If you are registered,  we shall offer you any assistance you may need during this singing programme.

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