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Physical Exercises for Singing Like A Pro

The activities described here are to be observed weekly for two months as a beginner; and at subsequent times when the need arises. To grow as a singer, devote yourself to the activities of this page.


Stand, take in a deep breath, hold for some seconds, and expel the air from your mouth. Repeat this exercise for five times.
The Result - it will open up your throat.


Stand, place your hands on your hips, set your legs apart, slightly bend forward and head down towards your knees; then, remain in this position for two minutes.
The Result - This exercise will clear your throat for easy air flow. It's also a remedy that clears accumulated mucus in your throat.


Stand, swing your upper body to the left with your face to the opposite direction; and swing it to the right with your face now to the left direction. Repeat this exercise ten times.
The Result - it is a relief to the stiffness of the singer's neck.


Sit, bend your head backwards. Now, bend the head forward - down; bend it to the top of your left shoulder with your ear at the top of it; and to the right shoulder with your ear at the top of it. Do this with your eyes closed for six times.
The Result - your neck area becomes flexible.


Stand, and jog on the same spot, take in some air and expel it rapidly for a minute. Stop, and start jogging again, while you pant like a dog for another one minute.
The Result - it makes you light and smart.


Stand, breath in gently and expel the air from your mouth, repeatedly for a minute. Stop, and go over the process again; this time, you should cough out instead of expelling the air from your mouth. Do this also for one minute.
The Result - it clears any interrupting blocks in the throat.

The exercises provided here, if properly practiced, will have a positive effects, and you should notice some changes in your throat, lungs, stomach and neck areas of your body. We guess you should be hungry and may need some rest at this time.

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