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The Rules of Singing Like A Pro

A singer has some rules to observe in the singing career. The Singers Rules are statements that instruct a singer on what may, must or must not be done as a practicing singer for best performance in music. These rules are meant to be strictly observed if you must sing like a pro, because it will assist you in ensuring a professional voice while singing.

1.   Drink a lot of warm water; cold water is not recommended.

2.   Eat lots of vegetables and fruits, especially bananas.

3.   Take honey and lemon juice.

4.   Steam inhalation is good; twice a day for your throat.

5.   Avoid hot and spicy food.

6.   Eat less before singing.

7.   Watch your diet, some food may not be good for your voice: boiled eggs, palm oil, corn, etc.

8.   Engage in regular voice training.

9.   Do not strain your voice while singing, and avoid shouting.

10. Maintain the right posture when singing.

11. Form the habit of relaxing your voice.

Why these Rules?

There are certain factors that affects a singer's voice. Mucus and phlegm, dryness of the throat, cracked voice, and irritation. Singers are counselled to keep their voice warm and moist. We also suggest that a singer should not sing when tensed.

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