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Vocal Exercises for Singing Like A Pro

In our past lessons, we showed you what singing entails and some guiding rules for a singer. Now, you are going to learn some vocal training that should help improve your singing career or potential.

What Are Vocal Exercises?

They are technical activities designed to heal, improve and prepare your voice for singing.

1.   Physical Exercises that should prepare your throat is first required.

2.   Vocal Exercises that will help build the following aspects of your singing techniques:
      vocal warm up, scaling on octaves, falsetto, legato, vocal range, vocal tone, high notes, singing
      from the diaphragm, vibrato, voice control, singing on pitch, breathing technique, and vocal

Some terms used for the examples mentioned above may look confusing to the growing singer; since, we promised to make this programme very simple, we shall explain some of those terms.  

(1)   Falsetto   -   an unusual high voice, especially the voice that men use to sing very high notes.

(2)   Legato     -   to sing in a smooth manner.

(3)   Vibrato    -   a shaking effect in singing made by rapid slight changes in pitch.

We encourage you to demonstrate patience as we continue in this Vocal Exercises. Some of these terms will be more clearer in the course of the training.

Now, let's start with the physical exercises...

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